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Taking the Photos

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Capturing the right photo is so important to enable me to produce a high quality portrait that captures the heart and soul of your pet.

Lighting is very important when taking your photo, ideally take it outside on a bright overcast day (do not take your photo in bright sunshine, as this will not show your pets true colours). If you take it inside, make sure it is in a bright room (ideally natural light) or by a window  and do not use a flash, as this can blur some of your pets details.

When taking your photo make sure you are at the same level of your pet with them facing you and you can see their eyes. Try to fill most of the frame with your pets head and shoulders (making sure they are the main focus of the photo). 

Cameras on the latest smart phones are brilliant for taking pet photos. It is preferable to take quite a few photos  of your pet and send me the best ones  you are happy with..

Emailing the Photos

When you have taken your photos email them over to me. I will then review the photos and confirm if they are suitable or whether additional photos are required.

Commissioning the Portrait

Once the photos have been reviewed and confirmed to be suitable, I will contact you  to  confirm waiting list timescale ( please note my waiting list time varies  depending on the time of year). 


Once  you are happy with the agreed timescale, I will finalise the terms of the commission and take a 20% deposit.

Portrait Review

When I have completed the artwork I will email a digital copy for you to review to ensure you are satisfied with the Portrait and obtain your approval, only when you have approved the portrait will I request the final payment and arrange delivery.

Final Payment

Making a payment to me is easy, I accept bank transfer, personal cheque or Paypal, details will be provided to you at the time of taking the deposit.

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